Cât de des ați fost întrebați de către turiști ce ar putea vizita în Chișinău? Și cât de des ați știut ce să îi răspundeți? Pentru a vă informa cu privire la care sunt cele mai importante locuri de vizitat la noi, vă prezentăm un top al atracțiilor turistice din capitală, potrivit TripAdvisor.
#1. Vinăria „Mileștii Mici” – 450 de recenzii

„No matter if this will be your first time in Moldavia or you are returning. Visiting this place is worth it every time. Great place, great staff and defiantly do a tour with wine tasting!”, DzemoMB – Slovenia.

„The winery is an amazing experience. All those tunnels and bottles of wine was a great sight to witness. We had a really good guide so that also helped us to have a better idea of the winery and its history. On the other hand, I think they can work on their food a little. Still it is definitely a must visit winery”, Alp Korhan – Cipru.

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#2. Parcul Dendrariu – 327 de recenzii

„A large park, more like a garden, where you can go relax after a long day. There is a small fee to enter, but the money is put to good use. The park is very neat, with alleys, benches, and well organized all around. Not much to do per se except for walking, but it’s a very quiet and relaxing place to do so. We went at a pretty bad time, with all the flowers being out of season, I am sure it’s splendid at other times”, Ana-Maria B – România.

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#3. Parcul „Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt” – 561 de recenzii

„Beautiful park, on a sunny friday afternoon there were elderly people dancing typical moldovan songs and my friend this is a tradition. Beautiful popup small cafes are around the park with own decorations. I recommend”, Beatriz M – Gemania.

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#4. Catedrala „Nașterea Domnului” – 320 de recenzii

„The cathedral is really a beautiful one! Chisinau and Moldova is a beautiful city and country overall. My mother is from Moldova so I’ve travelled a lot around the country. We usually live with her friends but I can truly say that there are many different beautiful places to visit in Moldova”, Daniel Adaszak – Suedia.

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#5. Complexul Memorial „Eternitate” – 303 recenzii

„A wonderful expanse of ground is dedicated here in Chișinău to those who gave their lives during World War II. The Eternal Flame burns symbolically and the large red and pink coloured structure – resembling five 25m high rifles – stands proudly at the centre of this park. It is free admission to the Victory Memorial and very poignant with other monuments and carvings to be seen throughout”, Greg – UK.

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#6. Muzeul Național de Etnografie și Istorie Naturală – 195 de recenzii

„The museum seemed to be under construction when I went there, so take my review with a grain of salt. The museum was very small. Just two rooms. One with information on the land/soil of Moldova. The other room was a bit more interesting with a lot of the animals of the area, especially lots of birds. Worth a visit, but manage your expectations”, Lee Morgan.

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#7. Parcul „Valea Morilor” – 159 de recenzii

„The park is very beautiful, clean and quiet! During the weekend might be crowded but it’s ok! Best park for running”, Mark Mimino – Germania.

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#8. Mănăstirea Ciuflea – 118 recenzii

„This is a real field hospital for souls. It is Orthodoxy in action and quite a mesmerising place to be. It is much more run down inside than its swanky roof would suggest, but that just adds to its charm”, Monica C – România.

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#9. Monumentul lui Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt – 198 de recenzii

„This is an attractive enough statue in the centre of Chisinau to commemorate one of the most significant figures in the history of Moldova. The statue is located at the entrance to the park of the same name. A quick stop is sufficient”, KGB777 – Singapore.

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#10. Arcul de Triumf – 296 de recenzii

„It is a symbol of the city and while smaller than other similar ones, it has nice architecture and it’s a good, accessible place to take photos. Took a few good photos, but it took forever to get the cables out. A lot of cables everywhere, yay for Photoshop”, Ana-Maria B – România.

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#11. Sculptura îndrăgostiților – 76 de recenzii

„This statue is on the opposite side of Cathedral park…if you are looking for it..aits located at the top of the street opposite the park almost in the middle of the street. The statues display a boy waiting for a girl with flowers. It seems to attract lots of people who want to take a photo with it. I will recommend you visit if you are close by Cathedral park”, Coryy20 – Spania.

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#12. Parcul Afgan – 40 de recenzii

„Dedicated to the troops who lost their lives during the War in Afghanistan 1979 – 1989.Inspiring memorial and park generally busy with people and located in a built up area”, Kevin C – Irlanda.

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#13. Muzeul „Aleksandr Pușkin” – 105 recenzii

„It is a very good place to get to know more about the poet, the guide was very passionate and progessional! If you can I advise to do the excursion in Russian, then you will hear part of his poetry related to his presence in Besarabia”, Carlos F – Belgia.

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#14. Grădina Botanică a Academiei de Științe a Moldovei – 99 de recenzii

„The Botanical Garden is more like a very beautiful park, because the greenhouses were closed (maybe they are closed on Sundays). There are several lakes, and plenty of meadows, and the autumn colors made it look really beautiful, though I believe it is very nice in any season. We also saw a squirrel! I recommend this place for walks, for playing on the grass, or just for relaxation in the middle of the nature. There are bikes for rent on the spot”, Diana B – România.

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#15. Piața Centrală – 133 de recenzii

„I am a person who love open markets like this. This market has absolutely everything from suitcases to electronics, curtains the famous bucuria sweets and just about everything. Reasonable priced clothes also . The atmosphere is quite lively here but dont waste your time asking for a discount. I asked a few time and never received. The prices here were good and loved the fresh fruits”, Coryy20 – Spania.

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