În seara de 25 noiembrie, la Palatul Național s-au adunat adevărații fani ai trupei Hurts. Unii au avut șansa să pozeze cu membrii trupei, alții doar au putut sta la câțiva metri de artiști. În acea seară s-au făcut sute, mii de poze și videouri de la concert. Cu această ocazie vă arătăm cele mai memorabile secvențe adunate de pe Instagram ale fanilor trupei.

Emotions…only emotions and no words. (as it was near the hotel😂) The show was incredible! I don't know what people think about Theo's deed. But dammit, THANKS him that he did it! My dreams come true! I could dance, sing and go crazy with them and other fans.💃 Thank you so much for this night! @theohurts @adamhurts @sticktrixx @laelgoldberg @petewatsonmusic and beautiful ladies Sharlene and Chenai. You are awesome! And the one another thanks for the boys who spent their personal time with us after. Paul your smile 😍…when I saw you smiling in the car, I forgot why I'm standing here. Adam it's a separate story 😂. Beginning with your unnexpected appearance with: "Give me. I can do it." And continuing with my: "Adam! Wait! Wait!" I'm sorry but I forgot everything at what moment. And it was so nice to hear about my drawing: "Oh! I saw it on instagram. I liked it. And posted it. It's cool." ❤️ Many thanks to all of you for the wonderful show and unforgettable emotions! Moldova loves you.❤️🇲🇩 #hurts #desiretour #theohutchcraft #adamanderson

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Thank you so much @theohurts @adamhurts ❤❤❤ #hurts #love #desiretour

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« Kiev, MAKE SOME NOISE !! » woah @theohurts x @adamhurts #desiretour #kiev #hurts

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#Repost @adamhurts (@get_repost) ・・・ FATHERHOOD pt2. Dreams come true#HURTS#tourdesire #desiretour

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Крутяяяякк)) #moldova #chisinau #manchester #teohurts #adamhurts #hurts #desiretour

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Aici puteți vedea Stay, Wonderful life. Cele mai tari hituri ale trupei Hurts au răsunat live pentru prima oară în Moldova.

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