Betty Pepper este designeră britanică care le oferă cărților o nouă viață. Transpune narațiunile din interiorul coperților în compoziții artistice, parcă rupte din povești.

„Cărţile sunt unelte de trăit, instrumente existenţiale”, Gabriel Liiceanu

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Hello Everybody are you fine? I tipped a can of bean juice over my keyboard at the weekend and now several of the keys aren't working properly. So much for online recipes… Meanwhile over at the far end of the table a little house has been having worries of his own… Living on the Edge 101; Mural Spark One by one it seemed that everyone in town was getting a mural. Robert had wanted one for the longest time but had never been able to settle on a design and now he felt it wouldn’t be the same if he wasn’t the only one. So he took his kite down from the attic and, holding very tightly to the string, sent it flying. He was going to have to think of something else and he did his best thinking when he flew his kite… xxx #bettypepper #littlehouseseverywhere #papersculptures #letsgoflyakite #asecondofwhimsey #amomentofwhimsy

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Good Morning Everybody, it's as hot as Hades already here so I thought I'd talk to you early. There's been an incident in the manner of a suspense /thriller… It has gone over, with its friends, to @craftco_southwold but I wanted to warn you to keep your eyes on the skies just in case… 'Living on the Edge 102; Taken' Mountain living was a hard existence. Maury and Gwen had known this when they relocated to High Reach with three month old Stuey. But this was beyond the pale. Snatched from his rocky outcrop Maury dared not look down; he wasn’t fond of heights. The sharp claws of the massive bird dug into his roof and the wind rushed at him threatening to take his windows off their hinges. Had Gwen seen the abduction? He had no idea. He had no change of clothes and he hadn’t had time to record an out-of-office message… xxx #bettypepper #littlehouseseverywhere #bookart #papersculptures #amomentofwhimsy #asecondofwhimsey

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Hello Everybody, I hope Tuesday is treating you kindly. Today there has been much fuss and furore at the edge of the table all stirred up by these 3 new Reel Lives. The Sylko Sisters are being released to the lovely @craftco_southwold .They have been lauding it over the other reels that they are taller, bigger and, therefore, all round better. I have interjected with counter arguments but still they persist. There have been clouds of make up and perfume, flouncing of feather boas, pouting and general over-the-top loudness. I wouldn't mind but they're not leaving till Saturday… Yes, you did just hear me sigh and roll my eyes… xxx #bettypepper #reellives #amomentofwhimsy #asecondofwhimsey #littlehouseseverywhere no

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Good Morning Everybody, are you fine? Today is a landmark day I have reached 'Living on the Edge' number 100! Goodness there's been a lot of troublesome paper chattering. Here is 'Out of Print' sunning himself on the side. Have a great Wednesday… From his high-rise roost Sol could see for miles, or at least he used to be able to before his sight had started to deteriorate. Recently he had been thinking about booking an appointment with the optician to have a test and see if he was needing spectacles. Trouble was he knew that as soon as he vacated his spot at the top it would immediately be taken by some young up-starter home and he hadn’t got the will to begin all over again at the bottom… xxx #bettypepper #amomentofwhimsy #asecondofwhimsey #littlehouseseverywhere #bookart

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Hello Everybody, it's nearly lunchtime, what are you having? I'm hankering after some of those crispbread things but I know there are none in the house… Anyway, today's little share is 'Living on the Edge 96; in Two Minds'… When Melanie arrived on the scene it was as she had suspected. Rachel had got herself into one of her predicaments. They had been friends since their first day at school over 60 years ago when Melanie had found Rachel in the library looking aghast at a line of toppled bookcases as an angry librarian bellowed in a most un-librarian like manner. But this time even Melanie was at a loss for how to aid her friend. Meanwhile at the top of Dabrowski Tor, a very different conversation was happening in Rachel’s head… ‘I did it! I climbed it!… I did it… xxx #bettypepper #bookart #bookartists #amomentofwhimsy #papersculptures

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